The Concept

What inspires us

To escape from our daily routine right next to home .

To live a unique experience and sleep in the forest.

To find a cocoon in the cosiest of corners.

To experience and live out the values of eco-tourism , both sustainable and eco-responsable.

To re-create links with nature and contemplate our environment.

To experiment with slowlife : a return to what is essential, to enjoy the present moment.

Tiny House Inspire dans la forêt dans le Berry Sologne

A unique experience in the greatest of comfort

At INSPIRE we want adventure to rhyme with comfort. An original form of accommodation, your delightful TINY HOUSE is nature's window, there to help you ressource yourself .
les constructeurs de la Tiny House Inspire en Berry Sologne, Viva Tiny House

Eco-responsables materials

Because ecology is very important to us, the TINY is built using eco-responsable materials, ethical and inclusive.

The wood come from French trees.

Here we have the fabulous builders of the TINY, Alice and Noé from Viva Tiny House. They share our values and have selected and used ecological materials. For example the insulation is ensured by worn clothes collected and recycled by a company called METISSE.
Cafetière italienne récup dans la Tiny House Inspire en Berry Sologne

Recuperation made in France

We have recuperated and hunted for as many objects as possible.

The Emma mattress and the Bonsoir sheets are made in France.

We have installed dry toilets to reduce our waste ad the water saved is used to fill the bath. Sewage is treated naturally without chemicals and solids are composted.
champignons dans la forêt, nature dans la forêt du Berry Sologne, Tiny House Inspire

Recreating a link with nature

Our aim is to become once again conscious of nature, to realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer. So that all together we protect our forests, forests that supply us with oxygen . We want to share with you this chance to sleep in the forest, to spend a moment of the utmost quality far beyond a simple stroll in the woods, to find yourself immersed in nature.
Lit face à la nature en Tiny House Inspire dans le Berry Sologne

Slow travel

Take time to live time to discover time to marvel at your surroundings.  At INSPIRE we like to discover or re-discover our regions : visit the Sologne villages, taste the products of our farms and the wines of our vineyards, appreciate our « terroir » in Berry-Sologne and the beauty of our landscapes.
un café en pleine foret sur la terrasse de la Tiny House Inspire en Berry Sologne


Take your time. Make the most of a delicious breakfast made with local products. Relax on the terrace, enjoy the sunset, walk in the forest, listen to music. Warm up in the evening in front of the fire. Enjoy a fine meal with a delicious local wine, take a bath while admiring the forest.Make the most of every moment and live to the full the present moment. It is the simplest things that make us the happiest.
chemin de la forêt pour aller à la Tiny House Inspire en Berry Sologne

In the heart of the Berry-Sologne forest

The TINY HOUSE is very close to Vierzon, right in the middle of France and next to everything. In our magnificent region discover the county of the CHER, just 2 hours from Paris and Lyon, with its forests and lakes, its local producers, its beautiful villages ad its open arms.

Discover our activities


Bath facing the forest


Warm up in front of the fire and cook your dinner on the plancha


Mölkky and card games


Immerse yourself in the forest