Where can I park ?

There is a car park 50m from the Tiny for two cars. Bring your torch if you arrive at night and shoes suitable for the forest, the path can be muddy depending on the weather.

Attention it is forbidden to drive in the forest road, because you risk getting stuck. Package of 150€ if we have to tow you with a tractor!

What will I find in the Tiny House ?

Everything you really need :

- kitchen equipment including a gas hob, a fridge, an Italian coffee machine and a toaster.

You will also find kitchen utensils, salt, pepper, sugar, coffee, tea, olive oil, washing-up liquid, a sponge and a teacloth.

If you take breakfast the butter may be used for cooking.

- essential toiletries including towels, Codina soap and shampoo which are natural, organic products

– sheets, except those for the baby's bed

– a first-aid kit

– card games, a set of Mölkky skittles , books and comics

What happens when I arrive ?

You are independent and will receive a code to open the Tiny house a few days before your arrival. So arrive after 15h30, take a deep breath and start enjoying your stay in the quiet of the forest.

Can I come with children ?

Of course ! Children are welcome !

A cot is stored in the Tiny for your little ones. Please bring your own sheets for the cot, they are not provided.

For older children, the Tiny can accommodate up to 4 people.

Are animals accepted ?

No our animal friends are not accepted.

Can I buy something to make an aperitif ?

No, however, by order up to 2 days before your stay, we will indicate the

brazier breakfasts,  dinners ,  aperitif and drink packs.

Where can I smoke ?

You may not smoke inside the tiny house, only on the terrace, placing your cigarette butts in the ashtray provided. Be careful we are in a forest, no butts are to be discarded on the ground. The firepit is not an ashtray . Protect this natural environment.


Once you have left the Tiny house as you found it, lock the door and place the keys in the key-box before 11h30.

Take a final deep breath in the forest to tide you over to your next stay.

How to have lunch ?

We propose just breakfast, dinner ; snacking and drinks. 

For lunch : 

Place an order with Eloïse Monziès at the « Vitrine »

The grocery at the « ferme des places » farm just 200 metres away sells local products

You will find a grocery "l'épicerie d'à côté" in the village of Vignoux just 4km away

The nearest restaurant is 4km away otherwise you have Vierzon (15km) by car

You have markets in Vierzon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

You can also do your own cooking, your kitchen is well-equipped

Can I use the Firepit without ordering dinner ?

Yes you have wood for one fire per stay with or without the dinner option . If you order several dinners you will have all the necessary wood

Are you open all year around ?

Yes, you have heating in Winter and mosquito netting in Summer.

In the case of any really bad storm the house will not be open.

Your stay will be postponed ou refunded.

Transport charges are not refunded.

In very hot and dry periods the firepit may not be used, we will inform you if this is the case.


You have a first-aid kit and a list of useful telephone numbers in the house .

Keep your mobile phones charged to be able to call the firefighters (18) or a doctor (1) and other emergency numbers.

It is better to have a vehicle available to be able to go to the nearest hospital, should that be necessary.

What is it like spending a night in the forest ?

Perfectly calm and totally disconnected !You will contemplate dusk and dawn listening to the birdsong,The Tiny is a miniature house, solid and well insulated .Other houses are quite close, you will not be lost in the middle of the forest.There is little risk of meeting wild animals. Should this be the case they will be more frightened than you and noise and light will keep them at a distance.

Can I cancel my booking ?

You can postpone or cancel your booking .

Free cancellation is possible up to 10 days before arrival.

50 % will be refunded between 5 and 10 days before arrival.

A cancellation less than 5 days before your arrival date will not be refunded. If you do not come or do not stay certain nights there will be no refund.

Can I offer someone a break in the Tiny ?

Yes you can choose a gift card you wish to offer and the designated persons will receive a code by e-mail to choose their dates. With this gift card they can pay their booking. The token is valid for a period of one year and is not refundable.

What happens if Inspire cancels my reservation ?

Certain technical problems or extreme weather conditions may force us to close the Tiny House temporarily. In this case we will propose another possible date or a total refund . We are as sorry as you, but please be reassured such circumstances are exceptional.

Another question ?

Go ahead, we will give you an answer.

See you soon !

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